Our products are tailored to the needs of each partner. These are complemented by a flexible operating model, which enables us to build products from the ground up - such as a new entry to the Travel Insurance market, or a new distribution channel.

Customers can choose from three levels of cover, giving them the protection they need, as well as additional options for:

  • Cruise
  • Winter sports
  • Golf cover

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a shift in traveller buying patterns, with more emphasis on quality rather than price. We have adapted quickly to the needs of the customer, which has included the inclusion of Covid-related cover.

Choice & simplification for our customers

We provide a variety of online claims options, ranging from simple notification to end-to-end claims management, including automated decision and fast track functionality. Your customers can fully complete their claim online with the option to switch between channels. Our full end-to-end online claims journey provides the following:

  •  24/7 access
  • Online claims management, integrated via API into the customer portal
  • Save functionality, to allow the customer to return later. e.g. return to submitted claim to upload documents if they weren’t to hand before
  • Ability to check claim status
  • Ability to switch between on & offline
  • Online decision communication

Online access to our Medical Network

Medway is AXA Partners’ Medical Provider Search tool offering directional care for your customers when they need assistance whilst travelling:

  • 24/7 access
  • Gives customers direct access to our worldwide medical network, to find the best healthcare providers that can be shortlisted & geolocalised on a responsive map, according to their needs
  • This asset is in API format and, therefore can be implemented directly into the customer portal

Added value services

We also offer a range of non-standard claims and assistance services, that can add value to the customer experience.

Gadget Insurance

We can provides comprehensive, flexible and modular solutions to meet your customers’ needs. Customers can obtain cover for a range of gadgets including, mobile, tablet, watches, accessories, and cameras, grey goods including laptops and games consoles. In addition, we can offer Extended Warranty, Screen Damage, Accidental Damage, Theft and Loss.

Car Hire Excess

Protects against excess payments in the event of hire car damage or theft. Car Hire Excess Protection enables customers to claim reimbursement up to £3,000. It not only reduces the potential excess charges, but also delivers better levels of cover.

Customers can log their claims via our seamless, intuitive and efficient claims platform, as well as track and monitor the status, providing peace of mind.