We know that customers have increasingly high expectations of a seamless and efficient digital journey across all sectors and expect real-time information and transparency on next steps. Therefore, we have been proactive in our response.

Transformation is a mind-set, a change in culture and an investment in new technology

As a customer-focussed business, we have been bold in re-engineering our entire business model and we have come together to ensure that we have the right people, processes and capabilities to change.

Through a significant transformation programme, we have taken a deep dive into our end-to-end claims process and have invested heavily in transforming the customer, employee and partner experience. The result; the launch of multiple new digital solutions across our product lines, delivering a seamless and efficient digital journey.

Our multi-million pound investment in the digitalisation and transformation of our business ensures that our products and services remain relevant, continue to meet ever-changing needs and provide the best experience possible for our partners and their customers.

Be bold and invest to realise customer benefit 

In order to meet evolving customer needs, we have taken a holistic approach to make lasting change; committing to a bold investment to develop a new, claims management system, eCare.

eCare underpins all activities required to manage and fulfil a customer’s claim efficiently, across multiple AXA and third party systems. It enables fewer and shorter calls, increased automation, enhanced information about claims progress and new data analytics. It is a scalable platform, enabling continuous improvement and flexibility. 

The advanced platform is based on cloud technology and delivers an enhanced customer experience, a clear focus on vulnerable customers, as well as greater automation; allowing agents to focus on providing a seamless, empathic and efficient claims journey.

Embracing multi-channel

We identified the need to provide existing customers with digital options for interaction, and have launched several new digital tools. eRescue and Home Manager allow customers to log and track their Motor Breakdown and Home Emergency claims online.

Customers no longer need to speak to someone on the phone, and are updated in real-time at every step of their claim, providing full peace of mind.

In addition, the business has also invested in the recent launch of a new claims portal for car excess cover customers, xClaim, providing a straightforward, intuitive and fully digital claims experience that meets the needs of today’s lifestyle.

As a responsive and agile business, we will continue to build innovative new assistance and insurance solutions

Innovation for us is providing relevant products and services for customers that are built on the latest trends, utilise the latest tech and solve today's lifestyle problems.

As we move forward, simplification will be a fundamental part of our strategy. We will continue to research and invest in new products and services, which add value to our partners’ proposition and deliver the most relevant solutions to meet the needs of their customers.   

Discover more about our latest digital solutions

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An online claims notification solution that enables Motor Breakdown customers to log their breakdown, without having to call the contact centre. Following a straightforward journey, the customer inputs their key information including location and vehicle problem, which is transferred to our recovery network. The journey is automated from initial claim, through to the deployment of the operator.


Enabling customers to seamlessly track their Motor Breakdown service following the notification of a claim, putting them in control of their recovery. The tool provides customers with an unprecedented understanding of the exact location of their recovery service and an estimated time of arrival, allowing them to plan what they do with their time pre-assistance.

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Home Emergency digital claims logging

Delivering a fully automated claims registering capability for Home Emergency customers, who benefit from a fully automated claims experience. Customers can log and track their claims through to resolution, reducing the need to speak to an agent. Embedded operational controls trigger call-backs for vulnerable customers and complex cases, ensuring that customers receive the appropriate level of service and reassurance during a what can be a stressful experience.

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Home Emergency digital claims tracking

Home Manager delivers a smart digital journey for Home Emergency customers, enhancing the customer experience. It is a simple concept, allowing customers to monitor their claim journey online. Once a claim has been logged, customers receive a text message and can accept or decline appointments, send photos to the contractor and receive updates.

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xClaim is specifically designed for Excess Cover claims. Customers can follow a straightforward, intuitive and digital claims experience that meets the needs of today’s lifestyle – as well as a new operations system for our agents.


FREND is an end-to-end online claims management system, which includes automated decision and fast-track functionality. Whilst the tool allows customers to fully complete their claim online, they also have the option to switch between channels if required. In addition to improving customer satisfaction and strengthening customer loyalty, FREND will enhance our agents’ experience and will support them throughout the claims process. This straightforward, digital claims journey will support our FNOL agents by maximizing efficiency, and reducing the average handling time. Additionally, FREND provides a range of customisation options for our partners.