We keep the customer at the heart of everything we do

‘Customer First’ is one of our key values. We understand that as a partner, you need to be 100% certain that your customers will be taken care of.

Customers are our priority

As an emergency assistance business, we are specialists in reacting to a crisis. We protect our people, care about our customers and partners, and ensure full continuity of our operations, in a safe way.

We have:

  • Extensive experience in managing crises
  • A flat structure enabling quick and efficient decision-making
  • Strong governance ensuring full continuity of our operations in a safe way
  • Speed and agility to move our resources and business operations to maintain service
  • Ability to offer additional services to support partners during unprecedented periods

Our response to Covid-19 proved our resilience & ‘Customer First’ approach

Over the first month of the pandemic, we took many steps to respond to the challenges presented by Covid-19.

With many years’ experience as an emergency assistance provider, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to adverse conditions. We reflected on learnings from previous local and international crises, and used these to deliver our response across all of our product lines – delivering front line services for our customers at their time of need.

Starting from a position of strength, we were able to call upon our digital capability, including a new network portal and online claims management journey for customers. This was further supported by  our employees’ relentless ‘can do’ attitude, which meant that we were able to move our business to home working in a matter of days, with no impact to service.

Our adaptable, resilient and scalable business has ensured business continuity for our partners and customers, and through the crisis, we have:

  • Protected our partners
  • Looked after our customers
  • Cared for our people
  • Helped our local and global community
  • Accelerated our digital capabilities
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Our operating model bolsters resilience

Our claims operation is based in Redhill, UK. We also manage some services, including out of hours, via our office in Athlone, Ireland; therefore providing a 24/7/365 coverage. Our emergency contractor network also operates on this basis.

Our team of multi-skilled call and claims handlers are all trained to the highest standards about product, partner brand, tone of voice and customer service. They also receive technical training, enabling them to triage soft-fixes, to mitigate unnecessary deployments and help customers solve the emergency as quickly as possible.

An adaptable, resilient and scalable business, that ensures business continuity for our partners and their customers

As an emergency assistance business, we are specialists in reacting to a crisis; protecting our people, caring about our customers and partners and ensuring full continuity of our operations in a safe way.

Operationally, we have an agile multi-skilled team of call and claims experts, which we adjust in line with our business volumes through a robust resource planning team, to ensure full adherence to service levels at all times.

Our network primacy gives us an advantage over competitors. We have an automated work allocation system, which allows us to make structural changes to the network, in order to meet demand.

Our investment in transformation is centred on improving the customer experience and broadening the ways in which customers interact with

Our ambitious digital transformation agenda includes a new claims management system, digital claims notification and tracking, as well as the introduction of a fully integrated claims registering portal for customers. Providing your customers with choice is our key focus, and will enable them to seamlessly switch from one medium to another.

We have invested significantly to upgrade our claims management system, eCare, which is based on Salesforce technology and is transforming how we manage claims. It enables a more granular focus on vulnerable customers, linking vulnerability and sensitivity to claim type. This enables us to easily identify true vulnerability in the claims process and manage cases more efficiently.

The decision tree functionality links to our partners’ policy wordings, which enables enhanced signposting in the delivery of customer outcomes at validation stage and throughout the claim lifecycle.

Visibility and reporting capability has also been enhanced, giving us valuable insight and real opportunity to transform the way customers are managed, particularly in times of surge.

 eCare also has API capability and fully integrates with our network portal and as our smart digital claim journeys, enabling customers to log and track the progress of their claims.

Customer centricity is a core part of our culture and strategy, in service of our desire to deliver fair outcomes to all customers

Customer First’ is one of AXA Partners’ core values and we pay particular attention to customer satisfaction. Our ‘Customer First’ value is adopted by all teams and drives our customer-centric business.

Our products are designed with the customer in mind and ensures that our cover is fair and clearly explained. Customers are set clear expectations from inception, so that they know what to expect when they make a claim.

As a regulated business, governance and control are a key part of our culture. Our stated Conduct Risk Appetite outlines the approach we take to safeguarding the delivery of fair customer outcomes, including clear measures of success.

Continuous improvement is embedded within the entire business and is driven by MI, listening to our clients and our people, and of course, customer feedback. We regularly review customer feedback and the insight we glean helps to drive our continuous improvement programme, allowing us to design the right customer journey, as well as to recognise our employee’s and reward great service.

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