We are experts at differentiating our service by brand, and can demonstrate this via the many well-known household brands to whom we already provide Home Emergency.

We were one of the first organisations to build an add-on Home Emergency proposition and have a full range of perils

Our Home Emergency products provide protection for a wide range of home emergencies, including:

  • Boiler or hot water failure
  • Plumbing problems related to leaking pipes, blocked drains or leaking radiators
  • Toilet waste pipe blockages or blocked toilet waste pipes
  • Electrical failure within the property
  • Broken or damaged windows
  • Broken locks and replacement of property keys
  • Pest cover

We’re proud of the service that we deliver, and know that ultimately, what counts from an insurer is how claims are handled

We operate from two contact centres across the UK & Ireland, providing 24/7 assistance, which ensures your customers are supported in their time of need.

Our customer service agents are trained to the highest service standards. Soft skills are a key area of focus, and they are equipped with the skills to provide a personalised response to your customers by listening and using the correct tone of voice, as well as demonstrating empathy.

As an emergency assistance business, we are specialists in reacting to a crisis; protecting our people, caring about our customers and partners, and ensuring full continuity of our operations in a safe way. Our resilient infrastructure is designed to ensure we deliver for your customers when they need us the most.

We have a robust approach to resource planning, which ensures we have full capacity to cover all eventualities. In addition, our network primacy provides advantage over competitors, and enables us to mobilise more contractors during a surge.

Case Study: Responding to Climate change

Over the last 12 months, we have seen a number of challenging weather events, bringing high winds, rain and thunderstorms, with the first named storm in July. We implemented a number of steps to maintain service for our partners and their customers, including regular tracking of weather patterns, and utilising our workforce management tool. Customer emergencies were dealt with efficiently, which was evidenced by a strong NPS and the solid service delivery by our network. We also issued regular client communications to keep them abreast of each situation and service status. Our expertise and capability in meant that we:

  • Supported our clients
  • Managed customer expectations effectively
  • Dealt with emergencies efficiently
  • Resumed normal service levels quickly
  • Maintained strong satisfaction scores

Our network

Our Home Emergency service is provided by an in-house managed, third-party approved network, which is structured to maximise job acceptance and deliver an exceptional service for customers.

We have over 4,500 tradespeople and 106 contractors, who are a mix of large national and smaller, regional firms, spanning mainland UK and all offshore islands.

We have a stringent evaluation process in place to assess all of our contractors on their suitability and organisational capabilities, and adopt a diligent approach to contractor selection.

Case Study: Proven capability during an extraordinary event - ‘Beast from the East’

During the severe weather event in 2018, we proved our ability to manage extreme seasonal demand and ensure we were there for our clients, and their customers, when they needed us most.

Network primacy, quick thinking and agility proved advantageous over our competitors - we emerged quickly, absorbed the additional capacity, and worked hard to recover within 5 days. Our expertise as an emergency assistance business meant we:

  • Protected our partners
  • Supported your customers
  • Collaboratively worked with our network partners
  • Responded to emergencies efficiently
  • Stabilised service quickly

Our digital tools

Digital claims logging

Our digital tool delivers a fully automated claims registering capability for Home Emergency customers, providing a fully automated claims experience. Customers can log and track their claims through to resolution, reducing the need to speak to an agent.

Embedded operational controls trigger call-backs for vulnerable customers and complex cases, ensuring that customers receive the appropriate level of service and reassurance during what can be a stressful time.

Digital claims tracking

Home Manager delivers a smart digital journey for Home Emergency customers, enhancing the customer experience. It is a simple concept, allowing customers to monitor their claim journey online. Once a claim has been logged, customers receive a text message and can accept or decline appointments, send photos to the contractor and receive updates.